Kaba Fashions & Creations (P) Ltd.

What is Kaba

Kaba have kept step with the changing face of the Indian women.

It has been our endeavor to create the lasting impressions in everything we do and it has been substantiated by thousands of satisfied customers that we achieved get the look they wanted. Through constant innovation, without trading traditional values, Kaba have transformed their exquisite Royal Kurti ensembles into timeless appeal. Browse through the next few web pages of this Kaba range, and find out the elegance of our collection. Kaba offers to Style conscious women, an exquisite blend of Royal styling and Indian aesthetics. Trendy designer cuts, intricate embroideries, innovative colour schemes, rich cotton and linen fabrics, enable this outstanding range of kurtis to lend a cutting edge to stylish woman's wardrobe. With a rare mélange of fashion, quality and comfort, Kaba desires to bring out the fairies hidden within every woman.


The Vision

The vision of Kaba is to reach to every stylish woman and depart her from ordinary. Kaba aims to unveil a “Royal Style” collection aptly titled in terms of silhouette, colour, surface ornamentation, wear ability and functionality.

Our current focus is to corporatise the “Kaba” brand. Diversification and growth on multi dimensional design platforms is necessary to create an impact in order to enhance the brand. Through this growth we hope to create visibility across various business related platforms.


The Future

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. 

- Michael LeBoeuf

The idea is to leverage the Kaba brand to create a strong and sincere name in the design industry that people can trust and depend on for multi-level design solutions and implementation of the same.